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Access to our tools for cancer survival analysis is free, but you must register for access. Both strel and ewblft are copyright of the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine. You must agree to accept the terms of the licences, so please read them carefully.

You will also need a Stata licence to use the Stata programs. If you wish to register, please click on the button below:

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We ask that users who publish analyses done with any of our tools provide a suitable citation or acknowledgment. You may find the following references (bibliography) useful.

After registration, the login for registered users gives them access to all our tools (e.g. strel, ewblft, UK life tables and life tables from the CONCORD programme).



  • UK LIFE TABLES — for use in survival analyses for England and Wales


  • STREL PROGRAMS (Stata command) — estimation of excess hazard and relative survival

  • EWBLFT PROGRAM (Stata command) —  creation and smoothing of life tables

  • GRAPHICAL TOOLS —  for performance indicators – funnel plots and smoothed maps

  • MEXHAZ PACKAGE (R package) — mixed effects excess hazard model

  • CvAUROC (Stata command) — cross-validation for the Area Under the Curve (binary outcome)

  • ELTMLE (Stata command) — targeted maximum likelihood estimation (TMLE) of the average treatment effect

  • TMLE (tutorial) — targeted Maximum Likelihood Estimation for a Binary Treatment: a tutorial. (2018)

  • Age Standardized Net Survival Estimation (tutorial)

  • CMATCH — matched case-control studies 

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