Life tables

Our life tables are free to use, however, you will need to register to gain access. Please click on the button below:

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You will then be sent login details to access the life tables from the CONCORD programme.

We ask that users who publish analyses done with any of our tools provide a suitable citation or acknowledgment: 

Recommended citation for the life tables: Di Carlo V, Spika D, Rachet B, Bannon F, Woods LM, Maringe C, Bonaventure A, Coleman MP, Allemani C. Life tables for the CONCORD programme. Available from:, downloaded on <date>.

Recommended citation for the methodology: Spika D, Bannon F, Bonaventure A, Woods LM, Harewood R, Carreira H, Coleman MP, Allemani C. Life tables for global surveillance of cancer survival (the CONCORD programme): data sources and methods. BMC Cancer 2017; 17: 159-73.


  • UK LIFE TABLES — for use in survival analyses for England, Scotland and Wales. These life tables only cover the calendar period 1981-2012.  We do not plan to update them. For more recent life tables, please go to the following link.

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