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Trends in colorectal cancer among young adults in England between 1971 and 2014

Cancer of the large bowel (colorectal cancer) mostly affects people aged 60 or over, but recent studies in Europe, North America and Australia have shown that it is becoming more common among younger adults, in their 20s or 30s.

We set out to investigate whether colorectal cancer is becoming…

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Flow map

The map displays the pathways of travel of patients diagnosed with colon cancer during 2006-2013, who were living and received cancer care in a London hospital. The flow of patients is shown as the travel between the area of residence (represented by the Clinical Commissioning Group) and the main…

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Index of cancer survival

The index of cancer survival was designed to provide one summary measure of survival for all cancers combined. The results of the index can be monitored over time to show overall progress in the effectiveness of a health-care system in treating and caring for cancer patients.

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National cancer plans

In 1996 a government report showed that there was a difference in how long cancer patients were surviving depending on how wealthy they were (we call it the ‘deprivation gap in survival’).

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