CONCORD Study (2008)

The CONCORD study provided estimates of relative survival for 1.9 million adults (15-99 years) diagnosed with a first primary cancer of the breast (women), colon, rectum or prostate during 1990-94 and followed up to 1999, using individual tumour records from 101 population-based cancer registries in 31 countries on five continents. It is the first world-wide analysis of cancer survival, with standard quality control procedures and identical analytic methods for all data sets, adjusted for differences in general population (background) mortality by age, sex, country, region, calendar period and (in the USA) race, as well as for differences in the age structure of cancer patient populations.


Cancer survival in five continents: a worldwide population-based study (CONCORD)
MP Coleman, M Quaresma, F Berrino, J-M Lutz, R De Angelis, R Capocaccia, P Baili, B Rachet, G Gatta, T Hakulinen, A Micheli, M Sant, HK Weir, JM Elwood, H Tsukuma, S Koifman, G Azevedo e Silva, S Francisci, M Santaquilani, A Verdecchia, HH Storm, JL Young, CONCORD Working Group

Published online in The Lancet Oncology 17 July 2008

A PDF version of the article, tables and figures is accessible below. This version reflects all important changes made at various stages of editing by The Lancet Oncology, but it is not identical to the published version because a number of late changes for house style were not incorporated. Several Tables and Figures were moved to web-appendices at a late stage of processing, so the numbering of Tables and Figures also differs from the published version.

CONCORD life tables article: Comparable life tables for world-wide analysis of relative survival for cancer
Paolo Baili, Andrea Micheli, Roberta De Angelis, Hannah K Weir, Silvia Francisci, Mariano Santaquilani, Timo Hakulinen, Manuela Quaresma, Michel P Coleman, CONCORD Working Group.

Some 2,800 life tables were constructed to compensate for the wide international differences in background mortality.

These life tables can be found by selecting the links below; please view the last link for details of the file format:

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