Breast cancer incidence and mortality trends in relation to screening

Dr Bernard Rachet and Dr Anjali Shah
Collaboration with Professor Jacques Estève, Service de Biostatistique, Hospices Civils de Lyon

The overall aim of the project is to produce a refined comparative assessment of the impact of breast cancer screening on trends in breast cancer incidence and mortality in England and Wales and in France.

The availability of birth cohort data that we can analyse by single year of birth and single year of age will enable the impact of screening on incidence and mortality trends to be examined more comprehensively than would be possible with data in the usual quinary age groups. Approaches to breast screening have been very different in England and France. It is of substantial importance to evaluate the impact of breast screening in England and Wales because the Department of Health in 1992 set a target of reducing breast cancer mortality by 25% in women aged 55-69 years by 2000.


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