Cancer Survival Group Members

Prof. Michel P Coleman

Professor of Epidemiology and Vital Statistics

Dr. Bernard Rachet

Clinical Reader in Cancer Epidemiology


Dr. Renata Abrahão

Research Degree Student

Yuki Alencar

Cancer Survival Group Coordinator

Dr. Claudia Allemani

Senior Lecturer in Cancer Epidemiology

Dr. Miguel Angel Luque-Fernandez

Lecturer in Epidemiology

Dr. Aurélien Belot

Lecturer in Biostatistics

Sara Benitez Majano

Research Fellow

Dr. Audrey Bonaventure

Clinical Lecturer

Helena Carreira

Research Fellow

Aimilia Exarchakou

Research Assistant

Helen Fowler

Research Assistant

Rhea Harewood

Research Fellow

Courtenay Howe

Admin Assistant

Kenwin Liu

Concord Data Manager


Camille Maringe

Research Fellow

Melissa Matz

Research Degree Student

Dr. Melanie Morris

Research Fellow in Epidemiology

Patrick Muller

Research Assistant

Manuela Quaresma

Research Fellow in Statistics

Natalia Sanz

CONCORD Programme Manager

Robin Schaffar

Research Degree Student

Devon Spika

Research Fellow

Adrian Daniel Turculeț

Database and Web Manager

Sarah Walters

Senior Lecturer

Dr. Laura Woods

Non-Clinical Lecturer

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